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Britnee Becker claimed the denial violated her civil rights.

A pregnant heroin addict’s civil rights weren’t violated when a Lehigh County judge refused to parole her from prison until she went into labor, a state appeals court has ruled.

That call by county Judge James T. Anthony was a rational step to protect Britnee Rose Becker’s unborn child, the Superior Court panel found in an opinion by Judge Anne E. Lazarus.

That is especially true since Becker admitted she knew she was five months pregnant, and was still shooting up heroin, when police arrested her for a probation violation in May 2016, Lazarus concluded.

“We find that protecting Becker’s unborn child was a legitimate government interest,” Lazarus wrote. “By denying Becker parole, (Anthony) ensured Becker could not use heroin and harm her unborn child.”

Becker, 28, of Catasauqua, claimed the denial of her parole after she served her minimum jail sentence in a theft/probation violation case trampled her constitutional rights. She claimed she was being discriminated against because she was pregnant.

Lazarus noted that Becker had already absconded from supervised probation once before. When police caught up with Becker, she admitted she was injecting five bags of heroin daily, even though she was aware of her pregnancy, the state judge added.