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Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser Pleads Guilty to Making False Statement

WASHINGTON — A former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser has pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the FBI after he lied about his interactions with foreign officials close to the Russian government, the campaign’s clearest connection so far to Russia’s efforts to meddle in the 2016 election. In court records unsealed on Monday, the FBI said George Papadopoulos “falsely described his interactions with a certain foreign contact who discussed ‘dirt’ related to emails” concerning Hillary Clinton. Records also […]

Trump Plans to Release Classified JFK Documents

WASHINGTON D.C. — President Donald Trump said Saturday he intends to allow the release of classified government documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy “subject to the receipt of further information.” Trump’s tweet comes as he is staring down an October 26 deadline set in law by Congress mandating the public release of the still-secret documents — including FBI and CIA files — barring any action by the President to block the release of certain documents. “Subject to […]

What Lehigh Valley area Republicans think about Trump’s health care move

The president halts payments to insurers under the Obama-era health care law he has been trying to unravel for months.

Who’s the Snowflake?

He insulted Mexicans
Some of you said ‘excellent!’
A lot of you made him President.

He mocked a person with a disability,
Some of you said ‘it’s not what you see’
A lot of you said ‘let him be’.

He degraded women,
Some of you said ‘just talk’ ‘locker room fun’
A lot of you said ‘He’s just a human’.

So he insulted men of valor,
Some of you turned deaf ear,
To a lot of you, it didn’t matter.

So now, Kaepernick’s knee is keeping you awake,
Offending you, making your moral ground shake?
Now tell me again, who’s the snowflake?

Author: Shayar Ajnabi

Are you disrespecting the flag? Here’s what the rules say.

The U.S. Flag Code doesn’t actually say anything about the national anthem, but it does mention flag shirts and napkins.

Authoritarian Donald Trump Plays to His Racist Base

Around this time last year, I posted the essay you see below concerning NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest during the national anthem. One year later, Authoritarian Donald Trump asked a mostly white crowd in Huntsville on Friday whether “people like yourselves” agree with his anger at “those people” who dare take a knee during the national anthem. He’d love to see some NFL owner say, “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now.”

This is nothing less than thinly disguised racism.

He’s playing to his base.

Trump is getting the opposite of what he wanted. Instead of acting like plantation overseers keeping their slaves in line, one NFL owner actually joined players who protested the anthem at a game played in London. Numerous players took a knee, and with the support of owners and coaches.

Trump also withdrew an invitation for the Golden State Warriors to visit him at the White House. “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team,” Trump tweeted. I loved LeBron James’s response. “U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain’t going! So therefore ain’t no invite,” tweeted James. “Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!”

The National Anthem and Our False Patriotism

(From 8/29/16) – Break out the torches and pitchforks. It’s time to lynch an American for acting like … an American. I refer to NFL back-up QB Colin Kaepernick (he must be an Irish Muslim), who had the temerity to refuse to stand like everyone else and pretend to be a patriot during the singing of the meaningless National Anthem during an equally meaningless preseason game that his team lost. He should show respect to the Flag, they say. Move to Canada, they roar. Kaepernick was simply exercising his First Amendment rights, something a lot more important than a song penned by a bigoted slave owner while the British were burning the capital to the ground. It probably should be scrapped.

I am always leery of these forced displays of false patriotism. A true patriot does exactly what Kaepernick did. A true patriot goes to government meetings or gets involved in his community. He informs himself before voting and is willing to take unpopular stands if he thinks he is right. A false patriot condemns those who follow their conscience.

When I was growing up, I remember quite clearly how people vilified Muhammed Ali for courageously refusing to sign up for the draft. He was stripped of his title, prosecuted and condemned. Except by one loudmouthed Jewish broadcaster who himself happened to be a WWII vet – Howard Cosell. Cosell then realized and said that what really had people fired up about about Ali is that “he was black and he was boastful.”

And so it goes with Kaepernick, another black man (his father is black) who does not know his place.

Oh but he disrespected the Flag, you say. How dare he! This reminds me of another time, when America was in its infancy, and Pennsylvania Revolutionaries required everyone to take a loyalty oath. Whiskey patriots would ride throughout the Lehigh Valley, looking to line their pockets with the assets of Mennonites, Moravians and Quakers. In 1778, for example, eleven wealthy Mennonite farmers were herded onto Northampton County Court and ordered to swear their allegiance. Because their religious scruples made that impossible, they refused. Their assets were declared forfeit and they were ordered to leave Pennsylvania. Of course, most of the money ended up in the pockets of a few officers.

And let’s talk for a moment about the real verses in Francis Scott Key’s Star-Spangled Banner. At that time, the British military was recruiting and using runaway slaves. Key, who in fairness did think slaves should be treated humanely, writes gleefully about slaves being killed by American bombs.
Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The Star-Spangled Banner became our National Anthem because Woodrow Wilson, another bigot, issued an edict making it so. Congress eventually rubber-stamped Wilson’s decree.

There is nothing remotely American about that song, unless you want to emphasize the ugly American. Nor should we be required to pledge allegiance every time we fart.

The whiskey patriots say otherwise, but any real patriot would understand and respect what this quarterback did.

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Truthiness and the Trump Cult

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A Magnanimous Gesture

The New York Times is reporting that Authoritarian Donald Trump has pledged $1 million to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. If true, that is a very magnanimous gesture. Possibly even Presidential.