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Does it Really Work: Hurricane Fur Wizard

The maker of the Hurricane Fur Wizard claims it’s the fastest, easiest way to remove pet fur from your couch, carpet, clothes, and even your car.  We met up with Kristen Anderson from Dessin Animal Shelter in Honesdale to see, does it really work?

Talkback 16: Tuition Increase, Parking at Steamtown, and the Bird in the Backyard

In Friday’s Talkback 16, we have reactions to the tuition increase at state-owned universities as well as paying to park at the Marketplace at Steamtown. Plus, the famous bird in the backyard…  

Talkback Feedback: Goat Yoga

This week, we decided to get a little zen — and the results had some of our viewers “goat”-ing crazy! Instead, we decided to find our inner peace…but not before we gave them a little feedback!

Does It Really Work: Pancake Express

As many of you know, the Does It Really Work segment’s home is at 7 o’clock on WNEP — and the producer of that show, Emily, is extremely excited about this week’s test — why? Because she loves great, fluffy pancakes! Well this week’s item is called the Pancake Express, and it promises to make perfect pancakes in seconds! What’s not to love? But…does it really work?

Talkback 16: Small Farm Struggles, Marijuana Legalization, and Playground Problems

In today’s edition of Talkback 16, viewers called in to sound off on a variety of topics such as small farms struggling to survive, legalization of medical marijuana, and reactions to one community’s efforts to get security cameras at a playground hit by vandals.

Talkback Feedback: Clay

If there’s one thing about Newswatch 16 you’ll learn…we are everywhere! And it seems that one former Newswatcher decided to give that a test, so we gave him — and our viewers, of course — a little feedback!

Remembering the First Great War on the Pennsylvania Road

It’s been a century since the United States entered World War One — remembered by many as “the Great War.” It certainly shaped the world we live in today, and along the Pennsylvania Road, we found one place in Bradford County where one hundred years ago seems just like yesterday.

Memories of Accordion Songs on the PA Road

Drums and guitars seem to be the instruments musicians favor these days…but if an accordion is close to your heart, then you might want to know the man introduced 15 years ago…as we go Back Down the Pennsylvania Road to Schuylkill County!

Talkback 16: The Backyard Train Goes National!

While many of those across the region are familiar with the beloved Talkback 16 segment, it seems “Talkback Fever” has officially gone national! The tried-and-true Backyard Train (and those who call in about it) made HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in not one — but two segments! Plus, in today’s edition of Talkback — sadly, no train…but viewers did call in to sound off on issues like one caller saying he’s “seen enough” of President Trump, as well […]

Talkback 16: Lucky Lotto, Summer Styles and Paving Projects

In today’s edition of Talkback 16, viewers called in to sound off on a variety of topics including the Pennsylvania Lottery, our reporters’ and anchors’ summer attire, and a big paving project in a rural area.