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Morganelli Consoles Defeated Republicans

Tuesday’s election changed everything in Northampton County. Starting in January, a Democratic Executive and 6-3 Democratic majority on Council will replace a Republican Executive and 7-2 GOP-controlled Council. But business still went on as usual yest…

Where Morganelli stands on Toomey questioner’s 1st Amendment rights

A participant in a televised town hall asked if the senator had heard news that his teenage daughter was kidnapped.

An audience member removed from a televised town hall with U.S…

TIMELINE: Drinking parties to the death of a Lafayette College student

There is no evidence McCrae Williams was the victim of any criminal activity beyond underage drinking, prosecutor says.

Lafayette student’s death likely not linked to hazing, DA says

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli suspects the 19-year-old fell on a dorm bathroom floor.

TIMELINE: From drinking to the death of a Lafayette College stu…

DA ready to discuss death of Lafayette College student

The news conference will include Easton police.

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UPDATE: Lafayette student’s death likely not linked to hazing, DA says
Northampton County Distric…

Will longtime district attorney run for Congress?

John Morganelli is weighing a run in the 15th District, according to his Facebook page.

Just about every voter in the Lehigh Valley knows who Northampton County District Attorney…

Grand jury rules in police killing of Slate Belt man with firework around neck

Troopers shot the 47-year-old six times as he threatened suicide and tried to light the device in Lower Mount Bethel.

A Northampton County grand jury has found Pennsylvania State…

District attorney plans announcement on state police homicide

Pennsylvania State Police fatally shot Anthony Ardo, 47, outside his Lower Mount Bethel Township home.

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Northampton County District Attorney John Morga…

Rebranding John Morganelli

Rudiger Lyle MartinezDuring daylight hours, he’s your typical Northampton County courthouse worker. But once that clock hits 4:30 pm, Rudiger Lyle Martinez is out the door and working on his second job as a rising political pundit. In a rare interview …

NorCo Grand Jury to Investigate PSP Homicide

Five weeks ago, Pennsylvania State Police shot and killed Anthony Ardo at or near his mother’s farm in Lower Mount Bethel Township. The previous day, she obtained a temporary Protection from Abuse Act Order against him. A drug addict, he had threatened…