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Time Capsule Buried at LCCC

NANTICOKE — A snapshot of time was buried on a college campus in Luzerne County on Tuesday. Back in October, staff at Luzerne County Community College unearthed a time capsule as part of the institution’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Fast forward to now, and that same capsule was re-buried with some new items, including pictures and a few college publications from this year. Officials plan to dig up the capsule again in 2042 for the school’s 75th anniversary.

Time Capsule Reveals Glimpse of LCCC Past

NANTICOKE As Luzerne County Community College celebrates its 50th anniversary, staff members dug up a time capsule buried for its 25th anniversary back in 1992. It’s the moment some graduates at Luzerne County Community College have been awaiting for 25 years. LCCC alumnus and staff member Jim Garlan put a few things in this time capsule back in 1992 and on Tuesday, he unearthed it again. “I was hoping everything was still intact, that nothing got ruined, and everything is […]

Eligible College Students and Their Preschoolers Can Now Learn on Same Campus

NANTICOKE— Students who are also parents at Luzerne County Community College and their preschoolers can now study on the same campus thanks to a new partnership between the school and Luzerne County Head Start. While Carmen Vizcarrondo is studying up on nursing at LCCC, her 3-year-old son Jay’son is learning his ABC’s on the same campus. “If this program wasn’t available I wouldn’t have ever been able to continue attending school because I would have to be at home with […]

After Commencement, LCCC Grads Plan to Continue Higher Education

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP — Hundreds of graduates walked the stage at Mohegan Sun Arena Thursday evening in Luzerne County. Luzerne County Community College held its commencement with one of its largest graduating classes. At Mohegan Sun Arena near Wilkes-Barre, the 803 members of the graduating class marked a major milestone in front of family and friends. And now, as these graduates are set to embark on the next chapter in their lives, what will be their next step? “The next step […]

Security Breach at Luzerne County Community College

NANTICOKE — Officials are investigating a security breach on the campus of Luzerne County Community College. College officials admit more than 300 faculty and staff members had their Social Security numbers sent out to each other Wednesday afternoon. The mistake left administrators scrambling to limit the damage. School officials say an email from the comptroller’s […]

LCCC Students Offer Free Dental Exams to Kids

NANTICOKE — Students pulled out all the stops to get kids excited about taking care of their teeth in Luzerne County. The dental heath program at Luzerne County Community College held Kids Cavity Prevention Day in Nanticoke on Saturday. Children could get free exams, x-rays, and other treatments. There were also special displays about dental […]