Time Capsule Buried at LCCC

NANTICOKE — A snapshot of time was buried on a college campus in Luzerne County on Tuesday. Back in October, staff at Luzerne County Community College unearthed a time capsule as part of the institution’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Fast forward to now, and that same capsule was re-buried with some new items, including pictures and a few college publications from this year. Officials plan to dig up the capsule again in 2042 for the school’s 75th anniversary.

New Veterans Center Opens at LCCC

NANTICOKE — A new gathering place for veterans has officially opened its doors in Luzerne County. Luzerne County Community College dedicated the Patrick J. Solano Veterans Center at its campus in Nanticoke on Monday. The new center is named after the college’s trustee emeritus, who was also a flight engineer in the Air Force. The spot will serve as a space where retired and active service members can gather, study, and even meet with college counselors.

LCCC to Open New Educational Center in Pittston

PITTSTON — Luzerne County Community College is bringing yet another campus to the area which figures to benefit one city that has been on the upswing in recent years. The old M&T bank along Main Street in Pittston closed in 2013 but soon it will be transformed into a new educational center. Luzerne County Community College is partnering with M&T bank to bring the educational center to Pittston, joining the other Luzerne County facilities in Nanticoke, Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton. “It […]

Eligible College Students and Their Preschoolers Can Now Learn on Same Campus

NANTICOKE— Students who are also parents at Luzerne County Community College and their preschoolers can now study on the same campus thanks to a new partnership between the school and Luzerne County Head Start. While Carmen Vizcarrondo is studying up on nursing at LCCC, her 3-year-old son Jay’son is learning his ABC’s on the same campus. “If this program wasn’t available I wouldn’t have ever been able to continue attending school because I would have to be at home with […]

Free Dental Exams for Kids

NANTICOKE — An event in Luzerne County aimed to give kids healthy smiles. The Kids’ Cavity Prevention Day in Nanticoke was held by Luzerne County Community College Dental Department and the Northeast Pennsylvania Dental Hygiene Association. The program on Saturday was designed for kids ages 3 to 17. It offered free dental exams, x-rays, fluoride treatments, and free dental health supplies.

Luzerne County Community College Holds Hunger Banquet

NANTICOKE — Students and staff at Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke each bought a ticket for lunch between $3 and $5 for its fourth annual Hunger Banquet, but what they did not know is what would be on the menu. To emphasize the reality of global hunger, they received tickets labeled either high, middle, or low income. “Had mashed potatoes and I think it was either chicken or turkey and corn, and that was really good!” said Michelle Ortiz, […]

Vietnam War Veterans Honored in Luzerne County

NANTICOKE — Folks gathered in Luzerne County on Saturday to mark the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War and honor those who served. State and local lawmakers hosted the special ceremony at the Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke. Organizers presented more than 55 Vietnam veterans with lapel pins. There is an eagle on each pin symbolizing courage, honor, and dedication surrounded by a blue circle signifying the vigilance, perseverance, and justice every veteran has shown in their service. “This is […]

LCCC Students Offer Free Dental Exams to Kids

NANTICOKE — Students pulled out all the stops to get kids excited about taking care of their teeth in Luzerne County. The dental heath program at Luzerne County Community College held Kids Cavity Prevention Day in Nanticoke on Saturday. Children could get free exams, x-rays, and other treatments. There were also special displays about dental […]

LCCC Opens Writing Center to the Public

NANTICOKE — The Luzerne County Community College Writing Assistance Center in Nanticoke has been available to students for three years, offering free help with essays and homework. Now, the writing assistance center is open to anyone, whether you’re writing a poem or need help filling out a job application. “We are a community college and we […]

9/11 Memorial Service at LCCC Remembers the Fallen

NANTICOKE — Nearly three thousand people were killed during the 9/11 attacks 14 years ago. An intimate memorial was held at Luzerne County Community College Friday. In the crowd was a mother who lost one of her sons inside the world trade center on that tragic day. A small crowd gathered for the college’s annual […]