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Life-Sized Gingerbread House

BARRETT TOWNSHIP — The smell of gingerbread in the air can only mean one thing at Skytop Lodge near Canadensis: the holiday season is here. The real life-size gingerbread house is a big attraction that many come back each year to see. “It’s wonderful, and every year it gets better. It’s a little different. I think the theme this year is fudge. Last year, it was baking. They do a different theme every year, and it gets more beautiful every […]

Rattlesnake Hunt

We’ll head to the Poconos for a rattlesnake hunt with field staff members Rick Koval and Dale Butler.

Rattlesnake Hunt/Processing

We’re heading back to the Poconos to process the rattlesnake that we caught with field staff members Rick Koval and Dale Butler.

Pocono Resorts Readying for Holiday Traffic

MONROE COUNTY — Some of the ski resorts and other attractions in the Poconos are gearing up for the holiday tourist traffic with some displays and activities sure to bring some holiday cheer. People at Shawnee Mountain Ski Resort are hoping to get their slopes covered before the holiday tourists get here. Snowmakers are banking on the cold weather to get some more covering. Some other resorts are putting up some impressive decorations to draw in the holiday crowd. It […]

Butterfly House

Paul Epsom travels to Skytop Lodge for a sneak peek of their amazing butterfly house.  Naturalist Rick Koval shares information on these lovely creatures.

Salamander Search

Field staff member Rick Koval takes us on a salamander search at Skytop Lodge in the Pocono’s.

Herp Day 2015

Travel along the woods and water of Skytop Lodge in the Poconos with field staff member Rick Koval in search of reptiles and amphibians.

Life-sized Christmas Treat In The Poconos

BARRETT TOWNSHIP — A Monroe County resort has a treat tucked away inside for visitors throughout the entire holiday season: a life-sized gingerbread house sits just off the main lobby in the Pocono resort. It’s not a fairytale. This is a real life-sized gingerbread house inside the Skytop Lodge near Canadensis. It’s a sight 10-year-old […]