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Talkback Feedback: Agendas

Newswatch 16 definitely doesn’t have an agenda. Just focus on the backyard train… That’s right, the train… You are getting sleepy…

Talkback 16: Nativity Scene

This edition of Talkback 16 focuses on the manger scene that had been moved in Carbondale because a group threatened to sue the city.

Talkback 16: Delivery Driver Shot, Rep. Haggerty

Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the fire at a Scranton high rise, a pizza delivery man shot, Rep. Kevin Haggerty called out for being a no-show, and the local holiday house seen by people nationwide.

Talkback 16: Deadly Police Shooting

Jon Meyer was the target of a caller’s criticism yesterday but today Kurt Aaron is the unfortunate one. But first, a few mixed feeling calls about the bank robbery that led to a chase and a deadly police shooting.

Talkback 16: New Casinos and Criticism

Talkback callers have a few ideas about where new, smaller casinos should go around the commonwealth. Another caller is critical about on aspect of Talkback but the majority of callers are outraged former state senator Bob Mellow from Lackawanna Count…

Talkback 16: Sports News, Catholic News, Snow Throwers

Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the placement of sports stories in the newscast, Catholic news, and the snow thrower contest.

Talkback 16: Construction in Scranton

Today’s Talkback has a family who is thrilled with our back down the Pennsylvania road segment, the space station and an earthquake with an epicenter in Delaware. But we begin with the water and gas companies ripping up roads in Scranton.

Talkback 16: Frat Brothers Sentenced, Drunk Drivers, Cat in a Jar

Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the sentence for frat brothers involved in a deadly hazing incident, punishing drunk drivers, the cat that got its head stuck in a jar, and Gold Nice bells.

Talkback 16: Raising Taxes, Deer Season, Gold Nice Bell

The possibility of raising taxes and closing a fire department in Plymouth, reporting on deer season, and reaction to the new Gold Nice bell. Those are the topics in this edition of Talkback 16.

Talkback 16: Deer Season, Free Meals, Football

Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the start of deer season, food giveaways, football games on TV, and the train.