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Time Capsule Buried at LCCC

NANTICOKE — A snapshot of time was buried on a college campus in Luzerne County on Tuesday. Back in October, staff at Luzerne County Community College unearthed a time capsule as part of the institution’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Fast forward to now, and that same capsule was re-buried with some new items, including pictures and a few college publications from this year. Officials plan to dig up the capsule again in 2042 for the school’s 75th anniversary.

Filling a Time Capsule in Stroudsburg

  STROUDSBURG — Officials in Stroudsburg are looking for items to place in a time capsule as part of the borough’s 200th birthday celebration. The time capsule will be buried in September at Courthouse Square and opened 50 years from now. Donations of letters, photos, and various other items are being accepted at the borough […]

Time Capsule Opened in Celebration of Stroudsburg’s Bicentennial

STROUDSBURG — It was a night for the history books in Monroe County as folks got a glimpse of life from 50 years ago. A time capsule buried in 1965 in Stroudsburg was opened at Tuesday night’s borough council meeting to mark the community’s bicentennial celebration. With a cheer from the audience, the capsule was […]