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Beyond the 7-day: watching mid next week

The well advertised cooler (read seasonal) air is moving in Tuesday night.  That much has been certain for quite some time now.  What has remained more elusive is the answer to the question “will the colder air come with snow”?  While there’s still no clear cut answer to that question, the long range weather maps started hinting at something today that I’d like to share. The image above shows jet stream level vorticity for this Saturday.  Vorticity is a measure […]

A “Super” Moon is Coming

You may have heard us mention on the broadcast tonight that we have a Supermoon coming up on Monday.  What’s a Supermoon and what does it mean for you?  Hopefully this blog will help to answer those questions. The Full Cold Moon rises on Sunday, but it’s also a Supermoon best viewed early Monday morning! — John Hickey (@JohnWNEP) November 29, 2017 We have the Full Cold Moon coming up this Sunday.  It will be full at 10:47 AM.  […]

Beyond the 7-day: Looking for cold and snow

December starts Friday which marks the start of meteorological winter.  The Full Cold Moon rises on Sunday further exemplifying what December is all about.  It’s not our coldest or snowiest month on average (that’s January), but it traditionally marks the beginning of a cold and snowy stretch much to the delight of winter weather lovers… and chagrin of those who long for warm summer days.  The end of November and first days of December look rather warm.  Check out the […]

First Significant Lake Effect Snow Possible Early Next Week

It’s early, but departing system on Sunday likely creates blustery cold Northwest wind over warm Great Lakes for several days. *Could* mean prolonged period of Lake Effect Snow. Worth watching! — John Hickey (@JohnWNEP) November 14, 2017 We’re entering prime season for Lake Effect snow events and the first decent one of the season could be coming up for the second half of the weekend and into early next week.  A low pressure system lifting to our north on […]

How Does This Month of May Rank Temperature Wise?

SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP — This May has brought us weather conditions that were often dreary and cooler than normal. We found plenty of people out with their dogs, playing soccer, and soaking up the sun as best as they could Wednesday, and tried to avoid thunderstorms. So on the last day of May, we wanted to ask people if they could guess whether or not this May was above average in temperatures, below average in temperatures, or just where they […]

What a difference a year makes

Stormtracker 16 Meteorologist John Hickey Did you know that the WNEP backyard serves as the official spot for snow measurements for the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport?  This came to be a couple of years ago when the National Weather Service office in Binghamton approached us with the offer.  Naturally, our band of weather geeks jumped at this opportunity!  When it snows, we give our friends at the Binghamton National Weather Service office a call to report how much snow has fallen for the […]

Full Moon, Eclipse and Comet to Be Visible Friday Night

Got big plans for Friday night? That’s OK, we don’t either. Guess we’ll all have to make do by watching the celestial show that will take place that night. First, there will be a full moon. That’s always fun, but this one will be a little more special. It’s known as a “snow moon.” The name comes from the fact that the heaviest snows usually fall during February, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. But if that’s not special enough, […]

April Ends Yearlong Streak of Above Normal Temperatures

Our yearlong streak of above normal temperatures each month has come to an end in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area. The warmer than normal temperatures each month started last April. During April 2015, our temperature was 1.1° warmer than normal for the month. For many, it was a welcome change after one of the coldest winters we’ve had in […]

Unsettled Weather Pattern Will Help “Abnormally Dry” Conditions

The first week of May looks unsettled, and that’s a good thing. The month of April had it’s fair share of ups and downs. Temperatures some days were only in the 30s, while others were in the low 80s.  We saw an accumulating snowfall in the beginning of the month. However, what we lacked was…rain!If you […]

Sunrise Photo Gallery

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