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People Finding Ways to Stay Warm in Cold Temperatures

WILKES-BARRE — Regardless of the weather, work still needs to be done and people still have places to get to. How were people dealing with the cold weather today, though? Temperatures in Wilkes-Barre on Wednesday were in the 20s. Even though it can be hard to stay warm, one worker from Flagger Force seemed to have it down with his outfit. He has a system on how to stay warm, too. “I layer up, but in the process of me […]

Cold Weather Causing Car Battery Concerns

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT — It takes a lot of energy to run a battery store this time of year, just ask Brian McWilliams. He owns Hurwitz Batteries. It’s a battery and automotive supplies business in South Williamsport. “It’s very busy. We got our first cold snap of the year. They are calling for snow, so you get a lot of people that know their battery is old and they know in the back of their mind it’s never been replaced,” said […]

PennDOT Offers Tips for Driving in the Snow

DUNMORE — With the temperatures dipping, and snow squalls popping up, driving conditions can become treacherous this time of year. This winter, the National Weather Service will send out snow squall warnings for the first time. PennDOT expects the warnings to be helpful. “What this will allow us to do is–especially if we know it’s only going to be a snow squall like they’re looking at over the next few days–we can begin to pinpoint our resources and get specific […]

‘Coolbaugh Angels’ Keeping People Warm

MOUNT POCONO — With cold weather here again, some little baggies are warming up the heads, hands, and hearts of people in one part of Monroe County. Members of a group called the “Coolbaugh Angels” once again left hand-knitted marks in places throughout Mount Pocono. “We noticed a lot of people do walk in this community and we do have buses, so you have to walk from your home to the buses and we also noticed not everyone is wearing […]

Beyond the 7-day: watching mid next week

The well advertised cooler (read seasonal) air is moving in Tuesday night.  That much has been certain for quite some time now.  What has remained more elusive is the answer to the question “will the colder air come with snow”?  While there’s still no clear cut answer to that question, the long range weather maps started hinting at something today that I’d like to share. The image above shows jet stream level vorticity for this Saturday.  Vorticity is a measure […]

A “Super” Moon is Coming

You may have heard us mention on the broadcast tonight that we have a Supermoon coming up on Monday.  What’s a Supermoon and what does it mean for you?  Hopefully this blog will help to answer those questions. The Full Cold Moon rises on Sunday, but it’s also a Supermoon best viewed early Monday morning! — John Hickey (@JohnWNEP) November 29, 2017 We have the Full Cold Moon coming up this Sunday.  It will be full at 10:47 AM.  […]

Beyond the 7-day: Looking for cold and snow

December starts Friday which marks the start of meteorological winter.  The Full Cold Moon rises on Sunday further exemplifying what December is all about.  It’s not our coldest or snowiest month on average (that’s January), but it traditionally marks the beginning of a cold and snowy stretch much to the delight of winter weather lovers… and chagrin of those who long for warm summer days.  The end of November and first days of December look rather warm.  Check out the […]

Holiday House Slideshow 2017

Is your home all decked out for the holidays? Have a neighbor with some decorating skills? Submit your photos to our Holiday House Slideshow!

First Significant Lake Effect Snow Possible Early Next Week

It’s early, but departing system on Sunday likely creates blustery cold Northwest wind over warm Great Lakes for several days. *Could* mean prolonged period of Lake Effect Snow. Worth watching! — John Hickey (@JohnWNEP) November 14, 2017 We’re entering prime season for Lake Effect snow events and the first decent one of the season could be coming up for the second half of the weekend and into early next week.  A low pressure system lifting to our north on […]

1.2 Million in Northeast Without Power as Tropical Storm Philippe Dissipates

NEW YORK — The Northeast struggled with power outages and commuting delays Monday morning as the remnants of Tropical Storm Philippe blew out of the region. The storm left about 1.2 million customers without electricity, including 313,875 in Massachusetts and 356,806 in Maine. Central Maine Power said it may take several days to restore power for many of its customers because of widespread damage. Conditions will slowly improve on Monday as the low-pressure system drifts into Canada, CNN meteorologist Dave […]