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When you think of developer Abe Atiyeh, you might be thinking rehabs, nursing homes or even private prisons. But in recent years, he’s really begun to focus on billboards. He was trying to get his foot in the door in Allentown, but Doylestown-based Premier Media beat him to it with plans for a series of electronic billboards. Abe Atiyeh now operates those billboards himself. How did this happen when the City and Mayor both have vendettas against him, as Atiyeh has claimed?

Two words.

Miked Fleck.

Atiyeh hired Fleck.

“Mike had access to the mayor and the approval process, why not use a consultant for that?” argued Atiyeh.

Because it sure smells bad. Though Fleck and Pawlowski both insisted there would be a separation between Fleck’s business and political consulting, it’s very clear that Atiyeh was brought on board to sprinkle different campaigns and PACs with money.

Atiyeh insists there was no quid pro quo. Fleck was wearing a wire for 90 days, and I’m sure he has no reason to be worried at all.